About Us

We are Deborah and Andrew Firth and we found Wigtown almost by accident in 2003, whilst looking for a different way of life for our family, away from the hectic pace of life "down south". Since finding Hillcrest we have created both a home for our family and bright, spacious and comfortable accommodation for our guests.

We continue to upgrade and refurbish each year, returning the house - we hope - to something near its original splendour, but with all those extras expected by today`s visitors. Offering six ensuite bedrooms, a lovely lounge for you to relax in and plan your stay, and a large dining room, set with individual tables. Everything, in fact to ensure you have the holiday you expect - and deserve.

We feel privileged to have found this house and to live here in Wigtown, and do our best to minimise our impact on our surroundings from using eco balls in the washing machine, to recycling glass, paper, cardboard, cans, plastic, using really lovely bathroom toileteries - but in refillable containers to cut down on waste, and in 2009 we added solar panels to the roof to supply our hot water! Yes the sun does shine enough in Scotland!

We are surrounded by a lush landscape, which seems green whatever the time of year. The forest and hills that border us on one side teem with life and colour, and the birds are never silent - sit in the garden and hear not cars engines revving, horns blasting, or sirens blaring but birdsong - all the time. Whether it`s the geese down on the fields or the sparrows, chaffinches, blackbirds, robins, bluetits, thrushes or wrens in the garden. The sea to the south provides an everchanging view from almost mirror like and still to grey and foreboding and it`s visable from most of our bedrooms - so there`s always something to look at.

We also have an amazing larder on the doorstep and do our best to use local suppliers - our butcher produces award winning sausages, our free-range eggs come straight from the farm in Stranraer, our game and smoked salmon from the Galloway Smokehouse, jams and marmalades are all sourced locally or homemade.

So Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly - come and enjoy wonderful Wigtown in Glorious Galloway!

Many of the fantastic landscape photos on this site are the work of Mike Abel, for more examples of his work see his website - mjaphotography

"Absolutely A1. Great accommodation, great area"